Artist vision


Let yourself feel free to go with the flow wild at heart she’s wanderer. It is not necessarily the country where one is born. There are seeds that sow the wind like elsewhere; a pertual quest for beauty beat his travels. Live his life according to his dreams became a daily challenge. Her element, it’s how she express herself and do what she loves to do. Passionate, evolving, learning and discovering the world trough fashion art, travel and people. Her favourite hide away and inspiration country number 1 India also plays a signifiant role in this movement. Lifestyle such a vegan raw food style, yoga, meditation & spirituality high come all originally from India being a travel experiences. She reflects sincerity, vitality, creativity and Free Spirit.


Wawa : Entada gigas,giant liana powerful 40/50 meters. Heart of the sea, heart monkey, bean Christopher Colomb. Seeds lucky for long trips, is found around the world;seed dig of ten washed out during monsoon and are found on the beaches of the planet. Africa,Asia,central /south America, the caribbean, cloves fall into the water are found at sea by the current times until northen Europe. This seed is located with legends and beliefs. Africa vaudoux used for rituals,worn as a pendant to calm restless children. Also from such instrument used as basis percussion,dance belt. In Gabon they planted at the entrance of the house to ward o evil spirits. Ivory coasts, Papua comes from the wawa tree or abachi symbol of tenacity, perseverance. In Colombia they are sometimes slipped into the pockets as lucky. The seeds are also used for therapeutic treatment,serve as relaxing stone combinated massage oils.

AWA : Indigenous language of Papua New Guinea, Ecuador and Colombia.


A signature wawaproject collection exotic print all flowing in and out of a far o tropical paradise. Wawa represents the free spirited, the adventurous and the colourful. Feminine and free-owing shapes translate seamlessly into weightless silk pieces, resort-style wear and must-haves for jet-set crowd. Luxury Kaftans, pareos scarves and Kimonos defenitive beachwear, hand-finished; detail combinate to create our chic resort wear and off beach. Embracing Nomade chic travel lifestyle for sensual woman. Wawa collection focused upon detail, quality and originality. Aranka Horvath’s initiative is to create beautiful, confortable, hight quality clothing accessories than can be worn for all occasions; from a day in the beach to a night out in the city. Drawing inspiration from Aranka Horvath’s personal affinity towards travel, nature, ancestral culture and traditional textile artisan technique around the world. She combinating exotic print, free flowing design, painting, photograph, collage and distincly tribal influence and manipulating through mixed techniques and process. Each piece is unique painting for people who upload true individuality.