Bandhani is highly skilled process. The technique involves dyeing a fabric which is tied tightly with a thread at several points;this producting a variety of patterns. Bandhani work,after the processing is over,results into a variety of symbols including,dots,squares,waves and strips. Bandhani pieces can be dyed by natural an articial colors. The fabrics is hand-tied with wire before immersed in a bath color. Impervious area creates draws the desired pattern. Blues are obtained from Indigo,most used natural bers such as cotton and silk. The history of dyeing can be dated back to pre-historic times. Dierent types of tie and dyes have been practiced in India, Japan and Africa for centuries. Tie-Dye became fully developpe in China during T’ang dynasty (618-906 A.D.) and Japan during Nara period ( 552-794 A.D.)